There is a great need to build friendships where we enjoy a common bond and establish meaningful relationships with one another. Our Men’s Ministries are established to help men grow in their faith by making connections and friendships with other men. Currently we offer two unique settings to accomplish this during the week.

Men’s prayer ministry:

This group of men meets every Tuesday at 6:30 AM in the church MPR around tables for a light breakfast of toast and coffee followed by a short devotional and then a time of sharing prayer items from the congregation, community, and their own lives with one another.

Men’s breakfast:

This group of men meets every other week at 7:00 AM at Mulligan’s restaurant in Winkler. Please check the calendar for dates that we are meeting. Each person orders their own breakfast and then we have a short 10-15 minute devotional/discussion on a passage of Scripture or topic/character study from the Bible. The focus of this group is to share and make connections in an informal setting as we visit and get to know each other over a meal. People are free to come and go as time permits.