For many people, taking part in a care group is an integral part of their experience at Bethel. Care groups provide a more intimate and casual setting to ask questions, discuss issues, and study Scripture while building relationships with others.

We currently have approximately 15 care groups. Most range in size from eight to twelve people per group. Some groups are more age specific while others have a wide variety of ages represented. Even though the groups may be very diverse, each group has a leader(s) and the main focus is to study Scripture and challenge one another to grow in our faith. Some groups use printed study materials while others may do a book study or watch and discuss a video series.

We also offer care groups on various days of the week. We do not require everyone to be a part of a care group, but all adults are welcome to be involved in one. Please contact the church office if you would like to join a care group or have any questions relating to this ministry.