The results below are gathered from the 109 surveys that were collected by the deadline and then tabulated. The Music Committee has met and gone over the results. They plan to meet with the individuals and worship teams to discuss some of the findings, gain feedback from those that lead us in worship, and set a direction for the music ministry moving forward. The survey results below do not include the comments that were made, but the Music Committee is aware of every comment as they have record of those as well and have taken them into consideration. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. Feel free to contact any of the members of the Music Committee for clarity, suggestions or concerns you may have.

1. What is your age?

12-18 = 5
19-30 = 32
31-40 = 14
41-50 = 19
50-70 = 36
71 and older = 3

2. What are your preferences in regards to music as a prelude (prior to the worship service), and a postlude (after the service is finished)? Check off all answers that apply to you.

30% – I prefer there to be music played as a prelude to help me prepare quietly for worship.
70% – I like to visit with others prior to the service, but am OK with a prelude in the background.

9% – I would like there to be recorded music being played prior to the prelude and as a postlude in the background.

22% – I would like to have the worship team (or pianist) continue to play instrumental music as a postlude.

7% – I prefer recorded music over live music as a prelude and postlude.
93% – I prefer live music over recorded music as a prelude and postlude.

3. Currently, we have a mix of people and ages who play piano or other instruments for prelude and during the offering. Which of the following options would you prefer?

81% – Keep the current format
5% – Have more children play piano or instruments
5% – Have more adults play piano or instruments
9% – Take offering during the singing of a congregational or worship team song

4. Which style of congregational worship music is the most meaningful to you?

21% – hymns
9% – gospel music
21% – older “contemporary” worship songs (1970-2005)
49% – contemporary worship songs (2006-present)

5. Which of the following percentages of style of congregational singing would you prefer during a worship service?

0% – 100% hymns
11% – 100% contemporary worship songs
5% – 75% hymns, 25% contemporary worship songs
32% – 50% hymns, 50% contemporary worship songs
52% – 25% hymns, 75% contemporary worship songs

6. Which leadership style for congregational singing do you prefer?

5% – One song leader accompanied by piano or guitar
16% – One song leader accompanied by a worship band (guitars, bass, drums, other instruments)
17% – Shared leadership by a vocal group of 2-5 singers accompanied by piano or guitar
62% – Shared leadership by the singers/musicians in a worship band (guitars, bass, drums, other instruments)

7. What do you think about the amount of congregational singing during our worship services?

81% – I like it as it is
0% – I would prefer there to be less congregational singing
9% – I would prefer there to be more congregational singing

8. For you to be the most effectively led in worship through congregational singing, which of the following options best identify your preference?

7% – I prefer participation over perfection. It is important for me to see a wide variety of people and degrees of talent on the stage, regardless of how organized or well played the music is.

56% – I prefer participation over perfection to a degree. I like to see a variety of people and degrees of talent on the stage. It need not be perfect, but I still like to see that they are fairly organized and practiced.

31% – I prefer perfection over participation to a degree. I can get distracted if the music leader/group is not organized or practiced enough. This need not be an elite group of people, but they should have gifts in this area of ministry.

6% – I prefer perfection over participation. We should give preference to those that are gifted in music and leadership. When leadership is not organized or music is not well played, it can have a negative impact my ability to worship as effectively as I wish.

9. How often would you suggest that a new song is introduced? Please indicate how best to introduce it to the congregation in the “comment field”.

8% – No need for new songs
41% – One song every two months
38% – One song per month
12% – Two songs per month
1% – Three songs per month

10. If you are interested in joining the music ministry on a Sunday morning worship service, please indicate which area of service you would like to be a part of and write your name in the “comment field” of the question.

3 – playing piano or an instrument for prelude
2 – playing piano or an instrument during the offering
4 – playing piano or an instrument as part of a worship band
2 – leading worship through singing (with piano/guitar or worship band accompaniment)
2 – singing as part of a worship band
0 – providing special music or singing as part of a worship service